Teaching Routine at Home

How should we set a teaching routine at home? The coronavirus has locked down many countries, suspending schools until the virus is contained. Parents are under immense pressure to try and facilitate their child’s day with little resources. What should they do?

School Teaching Routine

They should follow the same routine at school. If they treat this time as a holiday, they will find it hard to adjust when going back. Give them the set routine, don’t give them the freedom to do whatever they want. A few things that parents should continue following from school:

  • Set wake up routine. Breakfast, put clothes on and do your before school routine.
  • Facilitate their morning with learning activities.
  • Give them a break to play with their toys, rewarding them for their hard work.
  • Finish at the same time like they did at school.

The school that your child is with should be providing you with materials. Follow their schedule. If you need more materials for your child, feel free to look around on my website or you can contact me to make some for you! http://www.mrgregenglish.com/contact/

Bad Practices

With no real focus, a child can become very unpredictable with their actions, resulting in bad practices. I have seen from my students that some are developing these bad practices because of mismanagement. Ensure your child is in an environment that is healthy for their work. Remove any distractions and ensure that they follow the same kind of rules they did at school.

  • Get your child to clean their room and get their workspace ready at a certain time.
  • Manners cost nothing. Get them to speak formally when in their school routine.
  • Ensure that their work environment has no distractions and facilitates their learning effectively (especially for ZOOM lessons).

Remember that their teaching routine at home should mimic their classroom at their school.

My Recommendation

Space in Hong Kong is hard to come by. I understand that family members tend to sleep in the same room due to the amount of available space. However to try and aid your child at home, I recommend doing the following.

  • Make the bedroom the learning room. If possible remove all of the child’s toys and other distractions out of the room.
  • Create a work space for them. Set a screen with a clear view when they do have an online lesson with materials at the ready.
  • Make a timetable for them. Outline to them clearly what is expected of them. Young learners need direction. Give it to them.

I hope everyone is doing well during this tough time. We will get through this together. Please take these points in consideration to make it better for your child and the teachers at the school.

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