Play Contributes to a Child’s Learning

There are many ways in which play contributes to a child’s learning. In this article, I will go over 5 reasons why ‘Play Contributes to a Child’s Learning’.

Play Based Learning

1. Play helps develops the child’s social and motor skills with cognitive learning. Through play, the child will start playing with others and will develop an understanding of how to communicate with others (social interaction) which can be learnt effectively through practical use rather theoretical.

2. Play allows the child to develop problem solving abilities. It helps the child obtain knowledge and change the way they approach a problem, for example using shapes to learn about association. Play aids brain development and growth through these practices, making the child more active and intelligent. When with others, play can promote sharing and working as a team to solve the problem.

3. Children can learn off others from play, bolstering their language skills by modeling others. Engaging in activities allows children to discover and manipulate their surroundings. Active engagement with others will only enhance the child’s learning curve as they will be consistently exchanging knowledge and information with one another.

4. Play can help build the child’s confidence which is important when it comes to interacting with others to learn. Play provides an opportunity for the child to confront and resolve individual differences with others while opening doors for increase communication, teachable moments and assisting in problem solving.

5. Play is the most effective way for a child to establish and strengthen bonds with, an ideal practice for parents. It provides an opportunity for the child to confront any issues or concerns with the other. This will showcase the values of communication to the child. The child will idolize their relationships and mold themselves off them. Parents can utilize this and demonstrate good manners, language development and respect through play.

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