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Mr. Greg’s English Cloud

Mr. Greg is an English teacher, born in Singapore and raised in the freezing depths of Scotland, where his father is from.

A graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, he received his Beng (Hons) in Computing in 2013, but his interest in the industry dwindled.

In 2016, he decided it was time for a change and moved to Hong Kong, where his mother is from. He has taught in the most reputable tuition centers around Hong Kong and has been based in International Kindergartens since the beginning of 2019.

He has great thirst for knowledge and has completed numerous teaching courses over the years. He is currently studying a PGCE at the University of Essex Online.

Mr. Greg believes learning should be fun and positive. Very cliche, however it encourages new students to the language to gain the desire to learn. To make content and lessons unique, one should put their personality onto it to make it feel more genuine. Over the years, Mr. Greg has been developing his teaching style based around who he is as a person, relaxed and positive.

He made Mr. Greg’s English Cloud in March 2020 to help aid teachers and students around the world with the resources he created.