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Kindergarten Flashcards: Opposites #4

25 Kindergarten flashcards on the topic of opposites. Ready to be printed to be used in a lesson or as a wall filler! Great to build vocabulary with the children with eye pleasing images.

  • Open/close
  • Few/many
  • Thin/thick
  • Off/on
  • Empty/full
  • Big/small
  • Hot/cold
  • Hungry/full
  • Outside/inside
  • Child/adult
  • Push/pull
  • Happy/sad
  • Down/up
  • Argue/agree
  • Between/beside
  • Behind/in front
  • Left/right
  • Arrogant/humble
  • Below/above
  • Heavy/light
  • Wet/dry
  • Untidy/tidy
  • Cheap/expensive
  • Afraid/brave
  • Sick/healthy

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