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Pre-Primer Sight Words #1

A collection of pre-primer sight words worksheets for kindergarten.

Table of Contents

Sight Words

Sight words build speed and fluency when reading. 75% of words used in beginning children’s printed material have sight words. There are many sight words that do not follow basic phonic structures, meaning that they cannot be sounded out. This is why it is highly important that students get introduced to these words as early as possible.

Sight words can promote confidence. The first 100 sight words can represent over 50% of English text. If a child has the ability to master the large capacity of sight words, they can be able to recognise at least half a setence!

Comprehension is promoted through the used of sight words. Instead of trying to decipher what all of the words mean, they can focus on the words that they aren’t familiar with. Sight words helps build context to the text. If the student is familiar with the sight words, they may be able to decode the meaning of the sentence and paragraph.

Useful Links

Videos that can help sight words learning for Kindergarten classes:

More worksheets:

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