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Primary History: Vikings

History worksheets on the topic of Vikings, designed for Primary school students. A passage that is 3 pages long with questions at the end to answer to test the students’ comprehension levels on the topic.


Importance of History

Why should Primary students learn history? Should they focus on current events or divert their attention to other topics like mathematics and science?

History is vital to teach students appreciation of what they have. It can demonstrate models of good and responsible behaviour because of past mistakes made by others. Understanding how society changed and developed can allow a child to create their own opinions on the matter.

The more we know about the past, the better future we can build. There are many people in the past who made their mark. Not everyone was good, as some were well known for their bad practices. It is important that we study both the positives and negatives to ensure that students understand that people are not perfect.

Teaching Primary History

Capturing students’ attention in a topic that they will most likely find boring needs passion and excitement to entice them to engage. The best way for Primary students to absorb new information is through undergoing a rapid transformation.

I highly recommend using as many images, video, props and even interactive apps to get them engaged. Think outside the box, do not just show an old picture and demanding a response from them. You need to drive it, sell it, for them to open up.

When I was learning history both in Primary and High School, I was very selective. The topics that interested me sparked my imagination. My fondest memory is making a Celt Home out of Lego! My history teacher at the time gave us the freedom to present our project on any medium. I chose Lego, as it allowed me to spark my creativity.

Primary History: Vikings

Here are some useful Youtube links on the topic of Vikings that you can use in your lessons. Please review the videos before playing, so you can explain in more detail to the students what they are watching.

For more worksheets:

For teaching resources:

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