Primary Worksheets: Newt

Primary worksheets on the topic of the newt designed for primary school students. A basic passage with questions at the end to answer, testing the students comprehension levels.

Newts are amphibians like frogs! Amphibians are animals that are cold-blooded, have a backbone and wet skin. Newts have legs for walking, but like fish, they have tails for swimming! They are small animals that can grow up to five inches long (same size as your hand!) and can live on both land and in the water.

Newts begin their lives in ponds or lakes. As they grow older, they leave the water to live in woodlands or forests. One of their favourite areas is a bog, which is a wet, spongy area of land. They enjoy wet environments for their soft and moist skin.

Interestingly, newts hibernate during the cold winter months by either going under the ground or in mud at the bottom of their pond. Sometimes they will hide under logs and rocks.

Basic Tips

When teaching a new concept to a student, make it as visual as possible. Concepts become more comprehensible. A standard lesson should follow this basic structure:

  • Introduction: gather what knowledge the students have on the topic. Assess and evaluate your level to base how much assistance they require throughout the lesson
  • Concept: teaching the actual topic of the lesson. Highlight the difficulty the students are having and apply the appropriate action. For example, if they do not understand the meaning of a word, get them to highlight it for further studying in the future.
  • Evaluation: conclude the lesson by getting the students to feedback what you have taught. Ensure they comprehend the topic and know the main points.

Build the confidence level of students through active participation. Encourage projects for them to do what they have learnt into practical use. The more engaging the lesson is, the better the result.

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