Schools After the Coronavirus

What will happen to schools after the coronavirus? Will things go back to normal or will our approaches to learning differ?

Schools in Hong Kong are currently still suspended until the 20th of April. This date may prolong as it has been stated recently that the virus is spreading again. Online teaching has taken a toll on myself and I can see on my computer screen how it is affecting my students.

Teachers: Schools After the Coronavirus

Teachers have found it difficult during this time to teach online. As mentioned in my previous blogs, you simply cannot replicate the classroom to an online platform, especially for young learners. Our daily routine is a lot different than before and it may take some time adjusting to the ‘normal’ schedule when the students return.

My biggest concern when the student’s return is the amount of work that needs to be taken. I teach K3 which is the last year of kindergarten, so this year is critical for them before they step into primary school. They need this time to focus on preparing themselves for the interviews for admission to primary schools and the step up in general. They have missed a lot of materials

Hygiene is another big area. More measures need to be taken in school to ensure that potential illnesses aren’t spread, meaning more emphasis on hygiene. With the limited time we have in the day, more time may have to be dedicated to this matter. I have no problems with good hygiene practice when dealt with practically.

Students: Schools After the Coronavirus

My biggest concern are the students when returning to schools after the coronavirus. Being away from school for so long will have huge implications on their developments. The first aim when students return is trying to ease them back into the routine.

For younger pre-school students, they will need to over their separation anxiety once again. They will need to understand that their parents won’t be at school, one of the biggest obstacles for pre-schoolers. It can usually take weeks for a new student to settle and come to terms with it. When school resumes, they will only have a maximum of 6-7 weeks of school before the summer holidays. There is no consistency for them to settle in.

For the older pre-school students they may face social anxiety. Being stuck at home and only communicating through electronic devices can have huge implications on their social developments. They will of been used to talking a select number of people at home face-to-face. The challenge of opening up to other physical beings may become an obstacle they need to overcome again.

Recommended Actions

We need to ease the students into real life situations again to prepare them for schools after the coronavirus. I recommend that parents let them go outside and interact with others to build up their self confidence. Try to resume a life that was before the virus. Try to get them to meet up with their friends or simply let them roam free in the park to make new ones!

Ensure that at home you prepare them for their return to school. Get them to get their bags ready, to wake up early and to eat breakfast. Get them to change their clothes efficiently and independently. All the small things count.

In this blog I talk about the best practices at home:

I look forward to the return of my students. I hope everyone is well and excited for the return of classes!


Mr. Greg

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