Science Experiments

A collection of science experiments posters. Simple concepts that can be understood for Grade 2-3 and above. A wide range of experiments that can be conducted in the classroom.

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Basic Tips

When teaching a new concept to a student, make it as visual as possible. Concepts become more comprehensible. A standard lesson should follow this basic structure:

  • Introduction: gather what knowledge the students have on the topic. Assess and evaluate your level to base how much assistance they require throughout the lesson
  • Concept: teaching the actual topic of the lesson. Highlight the difficulty the students are having and apply the appropriate action. For example, if they do not understand the meaning of a word, get them to highlight it for further studying in the future.
  • Evaluation: conclude the lesson by getting the students to feedback what you have taught. Ensure they comprehend the topic and know the main points.

Build the confidence level of students through active participation. Encourage projects for them to do what they have learnt into practical use. The more engaging the lesson is, the better the result.

Project Ideas

Projects are a great way to showcase the knowledge students have gained through the lesson. It is a challenge for them and it allows them to be creative. Set an easy task for students to complete but gives them the freedom to expand it. Projects can be done independently or in groups. Teachers have the opportunity to enhance other key skills like social when assigning projects.

Students can do the following experiments shown in the science experiments file, with all the tools needed shown in the picture. All experiments must be handled carefully and with an adult close by, especially with those using an exposed flame.

More information regarding specific experiments will come in due course. Please feel free to contact me to get further information. Will provide links once uploaded.

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