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Sequence Writing

Sequence writing worksheets designed for primary students to test their ability to retell a story in the the correct order of events. Understanding the order of events in a story is an important skill for both reading and writing as it showcases their comprehension levels.

Sequence Writing

Why is Sequencing Important?

Sequencing is an important everyday skill, as to get a desired outcome, one must be able to follow certain steps. If students are able to clearly explain in detail the order of events, it showcases deep understanding of the process and the ability to follow instructions thoroughly.

For example, in science we must be able to follow a set list of instructions while performing experiments. Any change in the order can hinder the results of the experiment. Same with a recipe. To bake a cake or any other kind of dish, you must follow the sequence to get the desired final product.

This set of worksheets is fantastic for students to build up their sequencing skills. The pictures clearly shows them the order of events, allowing them to examine how the events change and lead to one another. I kept it simple with only four pictures, with distinctive changes in each. Students can use transition words first, second, third and lastly with relative ease.

I suggest before using the worksheet, get them to understand the fundamentals of sequencing first. Cut out the pictures or use a set of your own, mix them up, and get them to put them in the right order. Ask each student to explain the order of events to see how they transition between the events and their sequencing thought process.

Importance of Writing

Writing allows students to be creative with their thoughts. They can execute a piece in whatever style they desire. Writing is an exceptional indicator of how broad the vocabulary range of a student is, as it fully tests their inner thoughts.Grammar on the other hand shows the level of understanding of the English language. Speaking grammatically correct gives out clear messages that can be interpreted effectively.

Writing comes naturally as you get older. The wider vocabulary range you have, the more you have to write about. Writing cannot be taught if the student doesn’t have a decent exposure to English. I have always said, if you speak well, you will be able to write well. If you cannot speak well, they you won’t be able to write well either.

Grammar should always come before writing. Grammar you need a decent vocabulary wage before tackling it, as there are many structures that are foreigners are not familiar with. However, grammar is vital when it comes to early sentence structuring, as you learn the rules of English. Learning the rules gives you get a general idea of how to construct and fit words together to form a sentence that comprehend-able.

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