The Power of Online ‘Word of Mouth’

The rapid growth of my website has been because of the power of online ‘word of mouth’. My audience is built from people sharing my materials and building up a base on the social media platform Facebook. How is word of mouth so effective? Let me touch the subject.

Effectiveness of Online ‘Word of Mouth’

My most popular posts on Facebook gained so much traction from sharing to other groups. Currently they are sitting at over 1000 shares, resulting in great traffic coming into my website. The audience I was reaching to was much more diverse and it didn’t involve much work from myself. It was a chain reaction, with people sharing from one another, making my job quite easy!

It is important to take note that we are only focusing on how many times the content gets shared. Getting likes can increase the credibility and popularity of the post, but it doesn’t distribute to further audiences. Sharing on Facebook is what gets the content reach to be higher. In the beginning I made the mistake of trying to get the most amount of likes on a post to get more attention when I should of been focusing on the distribution.

The results from my materials being shared so many times has not only increased my traffic numbers to my website, but to my Facebook page and group. Currently I have over 18000 likes on my Facebook page and nearly 10000 in my shared group. This has been built on the success of my materials being shared so many times. My audience sees the value of my content and connects with my social media platforms to get easier access to my content.

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Getting Online ‘Word of Mouth’

The downside of online ‘word of mouth’ is that you simply cannot make it a success. The targeted audience must see the real value of your content, making it worthy to redistribute it. Sharing low quality materials can have a negative future effect, so it wise to be considerate of the content you are uploading onto social media platforms.

It was trial and error for myself, but these factors I take into account when trying to get the best possible results

  • A post with clear links and description of the materials
  • Few pictures showcasing the materials
  • Distributing to targeted groups within a short time period for maximum effect
  • Stay consistent with the uploads, gain more attention by being active in the groups

One piece of advice that I highly recommend everyone to take into account is that don’t force making your content viral. Quality is what makes any product attractive. It doesn’t matter how many times you share your content on how many different groups, it will not gain traction if it simply not appealing. Take time to focus on your materials and ‘word of mouth’ strategy.

Who to Target

Finding your targeted audience is the key. You must take into account the groups you are going into, who they are and what is the demand. For example, I primarily make young learner materials, so most of the groups I am connected with are Kindergarten based groups or English as a second language. When connecting with a group, I look at certain criteria before deciding whether it is worthwhile to target.

  • The audience size. Is the reach going to be worthwhile.
  • The activity of the group. Are members actively engaging in posts in the group.
  • Accessibility. Will my posts get shared onto the platform or will I simply just be a ‘viewer’

Final Words

If you want to achieve the power of online ‘word of mouth’ chain reaction, take my points in consideration. If you need any further help in this topic, please feel free to contact me. I am open to collaborations and sharing what I know.

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An English teacher from Scotland who made a website to share resources for free with the whole world! Currently based in Hong Kong, teaching in an International Kindergarten and tutoring Primary students.

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