Using ZOOM for Online Lessons

An example of a conference using ZOOM

Using ZOOM for online lessons has become more popular recently. Teaching online is a new concept for me as I have always taught in a physical classroom. Since the rise of the coronavirus, schools have switched their operations online for the time being, with a greater demand for online learning.

What is ZOOM? I asked the same question myself when I first heard of it. When somebody mentions about group calls that can be hosted online, I think of Skype. Skype in all it’s worth is great for personal use, but it doesn’t suffice for large group calls. That is when ZOOM for online lessons came aas an option into the mix.

ZOOM is an online platform that provides audio and video conferencing across different medias. It is free to use but it has it’s limitations as there is a membership plan to unlock more features. With the free version, you can host a conference with a maximum of 100 participants for 40 minutes, with features such as recording the session and screen sharing options.

For the last week I have been using ZOOM to communicate with my class and to conduct lessons. It is user friendly, with a clear user interface that is easy to navigate. I was able to conduct my lesson effectively and managed my class effectively with the features they provided, such as muting others on entry and allowing myself to screen share my powerpoint presentation.

I highly recommend any teacher who plans to do online teaching to use ZOOM as their main platform. You only need to register and it is easy to schedule your own timetable.


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