What to Watch on Youtube for Young Learners?

The question I get asked the most as a kindergarten teacher is what to watch on Youtube for young learners. In my view, Youtube is essential nowadays to help a student learn effectively. The content on Youtube can be exceptional but you must filter out the ones that are ineffective for learning.

Youtube Criteria

For teachers and parents, I always have a set criteria when choosing my videos for the classroom. I highly recommend you follow this to ensure that the content you are showing to the student is engaging and effective in their learning.

  • Has a clear narrative accent.
  • The video is at an acceptable pace for the child.
  • Has clear animation with vocabulary clearly labelled.
  • The video is not too long.

Very standard criteria. I always review what I show in class and note down my students reaction. Noting down their reaction is vital. Knowing what excites and interests them will allow you to pick better content in the future.

Youtube Guidelines

Always manage how much time your child or student spend on Youtube. If their usage is not managed correctly, they may face developmental problems.

For more information on the developmental issues: http://www.mrgregenglish.com/fine-motor-skills-and-technology/

I recommend following this guidelines when using Youtube at home or in the classroom.

  • Limit their viewing time to 5-15 minutes maximum per hour. Young learners have short attention span and need to be creative with their thoughts.
  • Ensure that they do not chose their own content. Giving them freedom to what they are allowed to pick will result in stubbornness and being impractical with their emotions.
  • The video is the focal point so ensure that the environment is fit for purpose. Don’t allow the child to watch videos at impractical times, ensure it is in a setting that they are familiar with when watching videos. For example, at home in their bedroom.

Recommended Youtube Channels

All these channels content are exceptional and I highly recommend using them. I always use them when teaching in Kindergarten.

Mr. Greg

An English teacher from Scotland who made a website to share resources for free with the whole world! Currently based in Hong Kong, teaching in an International Kindergarten and tutoring Primary students.

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