Success of a Lesson Plan

Does the success of a lesson depend entirely on the plan? The teaching and learning environment for students should be carefully thought out in a lesson plan. A clearly outlined lesson plan should outline the aims and objectives of the lesson. Each stage of the lesson plan should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time appropriate.

Possible objectives should include precise and delineated goals for what the students should be able to accomplish after the lesson is completed.

  • The accomplishments during the lesson
  • What is considered to be a satisfactorily accomplishment by the students to what specific level
  • How students will learn the goals of the lesson

There are several benefits when it comes to lesson plans. For the teacher, a lesson plan is a reference for the teacher to consider their objectives and activities. By planning, they can sequence the two together and reflect on the links between one another. Teachers can reference the lesson plans to improve future lessons. They can check what materials they used and what was appropriate for the students level.

Success of a Lesson Plan

The success of a lesson does not entirely need to rely on the plan. If the lesson is following the structure and achieves the main objectives, it should be considered a successful lesson. The lesson plan is to ensure that the teacher can present the lesson in right context. Even with a lesson plan, a lesson can be unsuccessful as it is up to the teacher to ensure that it is executed swiftly. Problems can arise and alter a whole lesson plan. A knowledgeable and experienced teacher should be able to respond effectively to these problems and make amends to the lesson plan without following it.


In conclusion, a lesson plan does help the teacher become more knowledgeable of the lesson and has a better chance of executing it successfully. However, the success of a lesson depends on the teacher as a lesson plan cannot predict what problems may arise in the classroom. The teacher is responsible for the altercation of the lesson in real time. The actions of the teacher is what can measure the success of a lesson.

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