Technology Integrated Within the Curriculum

To what extent do you think technology may be integrated within the curriculum for young learners aged between 4 to 6 years? With the current times, technology is constantly evolving that can provide endless streams of learning options for educators that can be incorporated in the classroom when used appropriately.

Technology can be integrated into the curriculum and be used to enhance the learning environments of the students not only in the classroom, but at home as well. However, a right balance is needed when it comes to using technology to ensure that skills that are obtained through the traditional methods are not affected, for example fine motor skills.

The internet is a platform that is used to distribute and share information freely. This can provide more opportunities for the student and their parents to communicate with the educators. A current example is cloud storage which enables users to send and store information using the internet. Users can access their information with a connection to the internet. Teachers can also use the cloud to share materials with other teachers, making the information accessible to all.

Using Technology Devices

Using technology to present information to a class is more efficient than the traditional methods. In my classroom I have a large touchscreen monitor that allows me to navigate between materials with ease. I can pre-plan as the technology used allows me to choose what materials to display. Versality is key with the touchscreen monitor as it has multiple functions, such as playing audio files, using it as a board and for media files. The touchscreen replaced many outdated hardware that can be found in the classroom, such as the CD player, projector and the board.

With the induction of using touchscreen boards, more options are available to the teacher to communicate with the student. Pre-recorded videos can be displayed onto the monitor but the ability to co-ordinate a live video is possible. This can allow students to communicate with guest speakers outside of the school, making it easier to connect. For younger students, they may find it easier to open to a nonliving entity.


In conclusion, integrating technology in the classroom can benefit everyone involved in the process. Teachers and students will have a vast array of accessible information that is shareable between one another. The availability and diverseness in technology allows curriculum to mimic the same.

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